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Fireworks Cesenatico 2024 Piazza A.Costa - Grand hotel CesenaticoCityPiazza A.Costa - Grand hotel Cesenatico
startSunday, August 4, 2024 - 2024-08-04
endMonday, August 5, 2024 - 2024-08-05

The festival begins Sunday, 4 August at 21.00, with a parade of the districts in Cesenatico, accompanied by Ambassador Marching Band from Costa square up to the Palio della Cuccagna hoisted the water near the ancient Ponente's Squero, where 54 cuccagnotti will battle themselves in order to win the Palio. Nine neighboring cities: Villalta, Borella, Cannucceto, Peep / Madonna, Cesenatico Ponente, Vlora, Cesenatico Levante and Villamarina, complete with banner in tow, who try to "climb" up to 14 meters of the pole covered with grease. Sunday, the appointment is at 9:30 with the parade historical Garibaldi , accompanied by the city authorities and the City of Gradara Corps Band. The procession will pass through the main streets, to the monument erected to the Hero, in Piazza Pisacane, the first built throughout Italy and one of the few on which he was not depicted on horseback. It continues with a visit to the old house on the harbor, where he rested Anita Garibaldi. Then, you will be hit the most impressive moment of the event: the ' excursion aboard tourist' boats and boats with colorful sails on the third row and the launch of the waves to remember the fallen of the Sea. The event will end at 22.00, in the beach front of Piazza Costa in Cesenatico , with the a great fireworks show accompanied by good music.

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