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CityFiabilandia, amusement park Rimini, via Gerolamo Cardano 15 ,rimini

Fiabilandia Rimini Fiabilandia, amusement park RiminiFiabilandia is an amusement park near Rimini directed at young kids, but not only. With the aim of contributing to the growth of men and women pay more attention to the world around them Fiabilandia has always been sensitive to issues related to environment, over the years has worked closely with organizations such as WWF Italy, Europe Conservation, and Ecoland is concerned to bring to the attention of thousands of visitors and natural environmental issues otherwise difficult to be proposed to such a large audience. Beyond that, each year hundreds of schools and organized groups visit Fiabilandia to participate in our socio-cultural initiatives such as. RICICLIMPARAND the draft of 2000 or the day organized by UNICEF, or the design competitions sponsored by AMIA and HERA, conducted in the years passati.Fiabilandia home for some time, curandole carefully, the many species of plants and animals that make the park a natural oasis.


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