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Notte Rosa 2024 Cesenatico Piazza A.Costa CesenaticoCityPiazza A.Costa Cesenatico
startFriday, July 5, 2024 - 2024-07-05
endSunday, July 7, 2024 - 2024-07-07

Also known as the "New Year's Eve of the Riviera Romagnola" the Notte Rosa 2024 starts on the first weekend of July and represents one of the main Summer events on the Adriatic Coast. This year the theme of the event is "the dream" that will see the participation and interpretation of the magical world of dreams, with its enchanting atmosphere of the main coastal towns along the 110 km of the Adriatic Riviera of 'Emilia Romagna. Cesenatico as usual attend the event with great enthusiasm by organizing concerts and performances in collaboration with Radio Bruno, after the great success of the Pink Night 2010. Coast Plaza, also known as the square of the grand hotels Ceseantico, will stage the event, organized by the radio network in the Romagna and the Municipality of Cesenatico, which will see the participation of the big Italian song that will perform from 22.00 until late at night. At midnight, as usual, the music will stop for a few minutes to make room for the fascinating spectacle of fireworks, while, for the duration of the festival, the skyscraper Cesenatico are projected stunning images from memorable films that have shaped the history of cinema and make the dream of thousands of people attend the event. The windows of shops, hotels and beach resorts illuminated in pink and decorated for the occasion, make the atmosphere even more impressive that you breathe during these evenings of good music and fun. La Notte Rosa will end in the charming atmosphere of the sun rising at dawn accompanied by music from the first Dawn Concert of the Summer season.

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