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Cesenatico is a charming town on the Adriatic coast, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea. The city besides being a renowned beach resort, is also famous for its historical origins that are rooted in the Roman history to reach great importance in the economic fabric of Cesena during the Renaissance and become a leading tourist destination on the Adriatic coast in the early XX century. During the Renaissance and the pomp of Cesena under the government of the Duke Valentino, Cesare Borgia, Cesenatico was enriched by the construction of its famous canal harbor.The canal harbor of Cesenatico designed to provide access to the Adriatic sea to Cesena, was designed by Leonardo da Vinci commissioned by Cesare Borgia and Leonardo's plans and drawings of the harbour are still preserved in the Louvre museum in Paris. Since then this work has become the hub of economic and social life of Cesenatico.
During the Italian Risorgimento Cesenatico takes the passage of Giuseppe Garibaldi and along the Corso Garibaldi is still situated the house where he stayed during the jorney from Rome to Venice in the beginning of August of 1849. Garibaldi's stay is also commemorated with a statue in the Piazza Garibaldi on the canal harbor.
For centuries, the main activity was fishing and the fish was kept in the Conserve, the predecessors of modern refrigerators, which still can be observed in Cesenatico that has preserved the last three conserve still existing in all of North Italy and active until the early XX century.
The Maritime Museum is also present in Cesenatico. This museum illustrates the maritime life of Cesenatico and preserves some of the most beautiful historic boats of the Adriatic coast. In the Christmas period, on the boats moored at the canal harbour next to the Maritime Museum, is home to the famous Nativity called Presepe della Marineria, designed by Guerrino Gardini.
If the harbor is the historic symbol of Cesenatico, Cesenatico's skyscraper built in the 50s in front of the historic Grand Hotel, is undoubtedly the symbol of the modern Cesenatico, dedicated almost entirely to tourism, with hotels, apartments for rent, shops, restaurants, bars and pubs.
Since 2006 is open to the public the Spazio Pantani, a multimedial museum dedicated to the famous cyclist and champion Marco Pantani who lived and used to train himself in Cesenatico's countryside.

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