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CityParco Oltremare, Riccione, via Ascoli Piceno 6 ,riccione

Parco Oltremare - Riccione Parco Oltremare, RiccioneThe Parco Oltremare was born as an innovative project that brought together two businesses history of the Adriatic Coast of Romagna: Aquafan and the Riccione's Dolphinarium. This incredible cultural and historical theme park involved investments for more than 70 million euros and its inauguration took place on 26 June 2004. The visit of the park can be divided into three paths:

  1. Time travel: Planet Earth, a journey through time from the Big Bang to the present day, the material explodes and catches himself in galaxies, stars and planets.
  2. The dinosaurs and their extinction: the emergence of mammals, climate change, a multi-sensory journey through time really fascinating.
  3. Darwin's voyage through the steps of the Evolution.

Inside a dome of glass and steel that represents the earth in the Cretaceous period takes place the transformation of life on earth. From the birth of the first living organisms (bacteria and blue-green algae), then the ferns, conifers. ... The animal kingdom with invertebrates, starfish, fish, who were the first animals with a skeleton inside, the insects, then the reptiles, lizards, dinosaurs, birds, until the arrival of mammals. Here come the dinosaurs: a natural Deynonichus size (about 3 meters) appear suddenly in the forest of the Cretaceous: intense emotions to live face to face with a prehistoric monster.


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